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Pixelink Studios Re-defines the Art of Retouching.

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Retouching Services

Pixelink Studios Provides a Variety of Photo Editing Services.

If you have a special retouching project in mind and do not see it on the list below. You can always contact us and we will work with you to achieve best results. Ideas are always welcome here.

Looking for professional retouching services to perfect those headshots, portfolios or special albums? Pixelink Studios offers a variety of packages to help with your retouching project needs. Whether you are an actor, performer, comedian, public figure, or not, portrait retouching takes those quality images to the next level.

Pixelink Studio services include everything from High-End, Still Life, Fashion, Beauty/Modeling Portfolios, Glamour, Portrait, Weddings/Events Retouching, Restoration to Photo Manipulation and Special Effects.

Our clients are our number one priority, it is your chance to have a beautiful photo-finish. We guarantee satisfaction, offering the best services at a competitive rate.

The Art of Retouching.

Various Retouching Services We Have to Offer

Photo Retouching Services

At Pixelink Studios photo editing, or commonly known as retouching, is our company specialty. To be able to retouch an image or photo professionally, you should have somewhat of an artistic view and keen eye for details to produce quality images. Our retouching services deal with removing, adding, fixing, and enhancing any elements of the image. With years of experience in this industry, our retouched images always come out to our clients satisfaction; professional and natural looking.

Photo Manipulation Services

Photo Manipulation is similar to Photo Retouching and Photo Editing in that it is a process in which an image is altered. It is different, however, in that it is a much higher level of alteration is applied. This is where you can take out all the boundaries and let your creative imagination run free. Photo manipulation is an art in itself requiring artistic skills, precision and great attention to detail. At Pixelink Studios, there is an ever-evolving collaboration with our clients to create their fantasy image by combining or removing any elements they desire.

Photo Restoration Services

We have seen it all, old and new photos damaged from bad to worst. No matter what condition your photo or image is in, chances are we've seen it, scanned it, and restored it to the clients’ satisfaction.
In order to achieve photo or image restoration at Pixelink Studios, we combine our artistic talent with digital retouching techniques to repair any flaws. Anything as simple as fixing a rip or a crack to colorizing pictures, (black and white to color) your image will be restored to flawless perfection.
We do it all the time, just check out some of our photo restoration samples.

Photographs are our way of transcending through time. Don't let your favorite moments fade away with the wear and tear of the photograph. With our photo restoration services, those precious memories are sure to be restored to live on for generations to come.

Now is the time to get those cherished photos out of the attic and into our studio!

Fashion & Beauty Retouching Services

Pixelink Studios offers a High-end Beauty Retouching division including Glamour Retouching, and Fashion Retouching geared towards models, fashionistas and industry professionals. Whether you are walking the catwalk, designing wardrobe for a new line, or just updating your beauty portfolio. Our extensive retouching services allow you to get those quality photographs you have been searching for. Whether it's simple color correction, red-eye removal or a total digital make-over, our retouching will leave you feeling beautiful. All modern tendencies of style, fashion, and photo design are available for you with Pixelink Studios.

Commercial & Product Retouching Services

Pixelink Studios specializes in Commercial, Advertising & High End Photo Retouching. Using industry standard retouching techniques to enrich and enhance texture and deliver flawless results, your products will be showcased in the best light. When it comes to product/commercial photography, we bring the focus to your product and capture the attention of your audience. Whether its high-end cologne, purses, shoes, automobiles or liquor, our product retouching technique brings out the true essence of your product without losing what it stands for. Whether it’s a commercial launch of something brand new or an on-going advertising campaign, we are here to highlight your product and get it the attention it deserves.

Wedding Retouching Services

To further capture the magic on that special day, Pixelink Studios offers wedding photo retouching services that will keep those memories alive for decades to come.

Wedding photo retouching services include removing blemishes/imperfections, evening out skin tones, smoothing out wrinkles, adding make-up, color corrections, overexposed or underexposed adjustments, red eye removal, background editing, cropping and re-centering, virtual weight reduction, teeth brightening…and many more! With our exceptional staff of professionals and extraordinary wedding retouching services, you can have the wedding of your dreams and the photos to prove it!

Pageant Retouching Services

First impressions can be everything in the Pageant world. Whether it's Glitz Retouching, Natural Retouching or Beauty Retouching, Pixelink Studios specializes in photo enhancements across the board. We are here to ensure your Beauty Pageant Retouching highlights your natural beauty, but accentuates your glamour in all the right places. Whether it's removing imperfections, color adjustments, light to full retouching, with the help of Pixelink Studios, the judges can't miss your perfection! Regardless of how much retouching your photo requires, you will receive quality, excellent, professional retouching at an affordable rate and just in time to dazzle in the pageant.

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