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Pixelink Studios Privacy Policy for Retouching Services

Pixelink Studios

Retouching Services Privacy Policy.

Pixelink Studios understands how valuable privacy is to our customers. This privacy
policy explains in detail exactly how Pixelink Studios utilizes provided information such
as your name, address, email address, and credit card information to ensure complete
understanding with our clients.

Privacy Policy Details

What Information Pixelink Studios Collects:

Pixelink Studios only gathers your personal information if you choose to use our services.
In order to complete a process like our ‘Digital Retouching Services,’ once your photo is
uploaded , we would need your information & confirmed payment to complete the process
within the indicated timeframe.

What Pixelink Studios Uses Your Information For:

The information you provide allows Pixelink Studios to customize and track service for each
customer. It not only allows us to appropriately bill customers for services rendered, but it
also helps keep your files organized if you need them in the future. Like any business, your
information is vital for the transaction to be completed as promised and for the services to
be tailored to your needs. Pixelink Studios does not sell user information to any third party

Pixelink Studios Security Policy:

Pixelink Studios will make sure your information is kept safe. Although we utilize PayPal as
an easy, secure way to make the payment process quicker, we take your privacy very seriously.
Your customer information is protected.

Pixelink Studios Delivery Policy:

Pixelink Studios is committed to great quality, swift delivery, & full satisfaction. Delivery terms
are agreed upon at the time of purchase. Upon receipt of your order , you will be notified by
email of the delivery timeframe to receive your photograph back in its new and improved form.

Pixelink Studios Return Policy:

Pixelink Studios works closely with our clients to make sure they are happy with the final
product before it is delivered to you. Due to the timely nature of our service, Pixelink does
not issue returns but is able to accommodate you to the best of their ability for common
agreement and contentment.

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