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Pixelink Studios Re-defines the Art of Retouching.
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Order Retouching Services

Upload, Order Photo Retouching Services in Two Quick Steps.

Welcome to the upload section! Pixelink Studios provides a safe and easy way of choosing the retouching services you require and a fast method of uploading digital image files. It's a quick
two-step process with a flat rate and no hassle of waiting for a price quote.

Here, you will simply select the package(s) you desire and make a secure payment through
PayPal. Check your email confirming your order and proceed to the next step to upload the
image(s). Complete the contact form, browse for the image file(s) you wish to retouch and
upload. Once uploaded, you will receive another email from Pixelink Studios confirming that
we have received your image files.

Upon receipt, you will be notified by email of the timeframe to receive your photograph back
in it's new and improved form.

The Art of Retouching.

Step 1
Choose one or multiple image retouching services. If you require more than one service, go
back by clicking "Continue Shopping" in PayPal. Select any additional retouching/restoration services by Adding to Cart and proceed to Checkout.
*Click Tabs for Various Services
  • Retouching Services
  • Restoration Services
  • Colorize Services
  • Scanning Services
Basic Photo Retouching
Basic package services include:
Exposure & Color Correction
Image Sharpening
Red Eye Fix
Straighten and Crop
Remove Blemishes
Soften Facial Lines

Intermediate Photo Retouching
Intermediate package services include all of the above services, plus:
Lines Under Eyes
Remove Wrinkles
Remove Stray Hair
Smoothing of Skin
Whiten Teeth
Accentuate & Lighten Eyes
Emphasize on Makeup
Remove Simple Objects

Advanced Photo Retouching
Advanced package services include all of the above services plus:
Add/Remove Person
Change Background Color
Add/Remove Object
Remove Clothing Wrinkles
Swap Heads or Eyes
Add/Remove Shadows/Highlights
Change Color of Any Element
Simple Shaping of Body or Facial Features

Photo Manipulation
Manipulate package services is where anything goes. Include all of the above services, plus:
Heavy Image Compositing
Add/Remove Multiple Elements
Special Effects
Heavy Shaping of Body or Facial Features

Photo Retouching
Minor Photo Restoration
Minor damages, scratches, fading, slight areas of discoloration
or incorrect exposure. Not including damages through faces and facial features.

Moderate Photo Restoration
Significant amount of damages, scratches, cracks, tears, stains and discoloration.
Damages through objects and persons, not including faces and facial features.

Extensive Photo Restoration
Severe amount of damage, large scratches, cracks, tears, creases, mold, water
stains and discoloration through critical parts. Reconstruction of damage through
objects, persons, faces and facial features.

Photo Restoration
Colorize Photo Colorization

Add color to your black and white or sepia photographs.

Bring life with color of your choice to those old, dusty black and white photographs or images.
At Pixelink Studios we have the right combination of artistic and technical skills
to get the job done right. You will get a realistic looking, beautifully finished colored
photo with Photo Colorization Services.

Photo Colorization
Scanning (Flatbed)
* Live in the New York Tri-State Area and have multiple restoration photographs?
We wil personally come and pick them up, because we know how precious memories are.
Just contact us with information using our website contact form or call (718) 200-0442.

* If you would rather send in your photo to our facility, please contact us for further instructions
using our general contact form or call (718) 200-0442.

* Already have a digital file of an image you want restored? Just select a package from "Restoration Packages" and upload it in the following step.

We scan all prints of 600dpi or higher resolution for best output results.
All scans include color correction, dust and minor scratches are retouched.

Picture Sizes
4" x 6" | 5" x 7" | 8" x 10" | 11" x 14" | 16" x 20" | and more.

Picture Scanning
Step 2
Fill out this quick and easy contact form below. Once the form is complete, locate your images
by clicking "Choose File" and browsing your images. Now click "Submit", wait until your images finish uploading and you're done. That Simple!
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