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Pixelink Studios Re-defines the Art of Retouching.
Welcome Photo Retouching Studio

Pixelink Studios Redefines the Art of Retouching.

• Retouching • Photo Manipulation • Photo Restoration • Fashion Retouching
• Product Retouching • Commercial Retouching • Wedding Retouching • Pageant Retouching

Portrait Retouching Male Model

- Remove Blemishes
- Color, White Balance and Contrast Correction
- Retouching and Smoothing of Skin
- Detailed Image Sharpening
- Remove or Soften Flaws
- Portrait Retouching

Creative Photo Manipulation Snake Woman

Photo Manipulation
- Add or Remove Photo Elements
- Heavy Image Compositing
- Remove or Change Background
- Adjust Color, Contrast and White Balance
- Shaping or Warping of Elements
- High Level of Retouching

Old Photo Restoration Bride and Groom Wedding

Photo Restoration
- Repair Cracks and Damages
- Remove Stains and Dust
- Add Color to Black and White Images
- Apply Sharpen Filter
- Repair Torn and Faded Images
- Photo Retouching

Fashion Retouching Female Model Bikini

Fashion Retouching
- In Depth Skin Retouching
- Add or Remove Highlights and Shadows
- Remove and Soften Flaws and Blemishes
- Color, Contrast and White Balance Adjustment
- Add or Remove Hair
- Enhance Facial Features
- Shaping Body Imperfections
- High End Retouching

Product Retouching Parliament Cigarettes

Product Retouching
- Remove or Change Background
- Add or Remove Highlights and Shadows
- Create Clipping Paths
- Color, Contrast and White Balance Correction
- Merging of Multiple Images
- Accentuate Product Detail and Texture
- Photo Manipulation and Retouching

Photo Manipulation Advertising Smart Car

Commercial Retouching
- Change or Remove Background
- Light or Heavy Compositing
- Photoshop Clipping Mask
- Color, Contrast and White Balance Correction
- High End Retouching
- Photo Manipulation

Wedding Retouching Bride Groom

Wedding Retouching
- Remove Flashes and Hot Spots
- Repaire or Remove Flyaway Hair
- Retouching and Smoothing of Skin
- Remove and Soften All Blemishes
- Color, Contrast and White Balance Correction
- Photo Retouching

Beauty Pageant Girl Portrait Retouching

Pageant Retouching
- Glitz Retouching
- Add, Repaire and Remove Flyaway Hair
- Retouching Blemishes and Smoothing of Skin
- Detailed Portrait Retouching
- Color, Contrast and White Balance Correction
- Beauty Retouching
- Enhance Facial Features

Pixelink Studios

Offers Various Professional Photo Retouching Services to Best Fit You.

We represent every quality you want in a digital retouching production company; modernism, professionalism, and perfectionism.

Our expertise entails a variety of capabilities including everything from photo retouching, restoration, and manipulation. Unlike most companies, we refrain from out sourcing or using automated actions to enhance photos, our work is done manually by professionals concentrating on details. We promise hi-end, quality images at low cost, affordable pricing.

Pixelink Studios offers professional photo retouching services, Glamour/ Beauty/Fashion/Commercial Photo Enhancements. We are dedicated to catering to your needs: helping you to make those captured images, flawless. Whether it’s a high-end modeling portfolio, commercial product launch or a once in a lifetime event, we make sure those precious moments are retouched and re-adjusted to become as close to perfect as they can get.

The Art of Retouching.

Our photo retouching services deal with removing, adding, fixing, and enhancing any elements of the image. With years of experience in this industry, our photoshopped images always come out to our clients satisfaction; professional and natural looking.

Please Visit our Before and After Photo Retouching Gallery Samples.

Photo Retouching Starting at $10.00

Servicing World Wide:
General Public | Models | Actors | Corporate Industry | Photographers | Printing Labs

Services Include But Not Limited to:
• Whiten Teeth
• Fix Teeth Gaps
• Remove Braces
• Remove Stray Hair
• Skin Smoothing
• Flash Removal
• Body Slimming

• Remove Imperfections
• Add/Enhance Makeup
• Soften/Remove Wrinkles
• Soften/Remove Veins
• Add/Remove Tattoos
• Add/Remove Objects
• Add/Remove Persons

Photographs are our way of transcending through time. Don't let your favorite moments fade away with the wear and tear of photographs. No matter what condition your photo or image is in, chances are we've seen it, scanned it, and restored it to the clients’ satisfaction.

Check Out our Before and After Photo Restoration Gallery Samples.

Photo Restoration Starting at $30.00

• Scratches
• Stains
• Faded Areas
• Missing Areas
• Color Decay
• Fold Marks
• Unwanted Writing
• Tears
• Water Damage
• Sharpening
• Color
• Borders
• Sepia Tone
• Background
• Subjects/Objects
• Enhancement

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