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Pixelink Studios Re-defines the Art of Retouching.
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About Us

Digital Photo Retouching Services Company Located in New York.

As a boutique company, Pixelink Studios works personally with its clients to ensure the best results. We take pride in our work and owe our success to our highly developed artistic backgrounds. Having over a decade of hands-on experience in photography and retouching in the New York City scene, we have been inspired to expand our services to the public.

Pixelink Studios is a talented team of artists who have excelled in fields such as art, photography, retouching, graphics and design. We have come together with a common vision, a common passion, and a common love for capturing and sharing beauty. High-end retouching with the latest technology, including expertise in software such as Photoshop, allows us to work with clients worldwide providing fast, quality services at inexpensive rates.

At Pixelink Studios our clientele ranges from everyday consumers, photographers, models, and actors to top advertising agencies from all over the United States and Overseas. No matter what your field of interest is in, we can learn to work with your style to give you the best product.

The Company is owned and operated by Denis Rize and Viktoriya Zaglado, connoisseurs of both the art and digital media world. Being innately gifted, they are able to retouch, manipulate and restore any photo with high quality, great detail and natural look. Their company Pixelink Studios has been producing amazing work for the past fifteen years to various clients worldwide.

The Art of Retouching.

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